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we are astra.

a team of ad professionals working for a new generation of credible, dynamic and vibrant brands.

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we are an integrated agency

and our main differential is the high quality output we promise for each project

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we are visual performers

connection builders, digital architects, and of course, brand enhancers

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We are a multi-disciplinary, creative team that partners with you for creating credible, dynamic and vibrant brands.

  • astra philosophy.

    At astra we believe creativity is the way forward for any industry, any brand and any activity to make valuable difference in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

    So, we believe in putting our creative competence on your side, helping you optimize your communication spend to your benefit.

  • astra culture.

    We don’t really work. For us, what we do is sheer passion. We operate from one of the most cosmopolitan pockets in the outskirts of Bangalore. It is a melting pot of expats from various parts of the world rubbing shoulders with people from various parts of India. A truly inspiring locale for us. We keep ourselves perpetually soaked in social and intellectual activities around food, music and revelries that keep our minds afresh, agile and alive, turning every challenge a delight.

  • what we do?

    - Develop Strategic, Creative Advertising Campaigns      Including ATL & BTL.

    - Brand Management & Marketing.

    - Content Creation and Management.

    - Campaign Management.

    - Content Platforms & Distribution.

    - Cross Media Publishing.

    - Media Buying – real time & Offline Media.

    - E-mail Campaigns.

    - Websites.

  • what's unique about us?

    We are a creative boutique with a core competency in digital communications. We represent an equally excellent proficiency in creative and strategic ATL and BTL communications. Clearly, you have in us a cost-effective, one-stop solution for the entire range of your advertising, marketing and brand communication requirements.

    You will find us extremely down-to-earth, candid, affable, transparent, accommodative and fun to work with. People, preparedness, practices and productivity are the pillars that hold our promise to you.

We are a google-partner

  • We are a google-partner comprising professionals trained by google in best practices and the nuances of online marketing. We help you manage your online marketing and grow your business online.

  • Just as you know your business, Google partners know the web. As a certified expert, we are equipped to handle your online marketing so you can focus on your business.

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Website Design and Development

Is it just that regular website we do? Absolutely NOT! The websites we create are the modern day websites that will help you to improve your business!

Online Marketing

A strategy for being online? Without which what’s the point being online! A right digital strategy is an integral part and a perfect tool for your business.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing is the buzz word today. But how far Social Media can contribute to the success of your business? Very less or too much?

Search Engine Visibility & Ranking

Hmm.. that’s for the big boys you thought! Or thought so easy to do by ringing up your website guy out there. Is that so tough or very simple!

Mobile Ready Websites

The age of desktop, laptop or notebook based browsing is on decline. People are mobile now. They spend more time and make quick decisions while on mobile. Are you tapping the potential? Is your website Mobile Ready?

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Optimisation is one of most used and heard word in the internet world today. Chances are high that you are getting tons of e-mails and calls offering SEO Services in Dubai. But what to look for?

Key Word Research

Many business owners presume that their prospects search for their business the way the owners think. And this thinking puts the so called SEO experts in advantageous position. What is the right way?

E-mail Marketing

Do you know which is the cheapest marketing method available today? It’s e-mail marketing. Provided you own a clean and well-targeted database, e-mail marketing is virtually free of cost!

Content Writing

Content is the king, they say. A king demands utmost reverence, elegance, luxury and consistency. Does your website content boast of these attributes? If not, it’s time to consider a re-visit to the content!

Social Platforms

How social is your business? Every business out there touches lives. So do yours! Since it is touching lives, you need to be extra cautious and need to be very diligent in the approach . Let’s show you how.

Usability Tests

Strange it may sound, but website visitors are mostly ignored at the point of website development as websites are made as per the decision makers’ whims and fancies. And what’s the result? Read on…

Visitor Tracking

Measure to treasure – they say. Are you measuring your website traffic? Is it just some numbers and charts and nothing else! Is it not giving insights to your business? It should. Let’s explain.

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Click to see our creatives

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Click to see our creatives

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Click to see our creatives

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Click to see our creatives

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Some of Our Works

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Feel free to contact us.


No.1/1, 3rd Floor, Vasavi Arcade / Kammanahalli Main Road Bangalore 560 043. India. Ph: +91 98454 17691

E-mail: prasanna@astracommunications.com


Garhoud Star Building, Garhoud, P.O 182053 Dubai
United Arab Emirates. Ph: +971 5 62553334

E-mail: info@astracommunications.com

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